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Why Choose Curtasoft?

Designed with the Help of People in the Trade

The Curtasoft system is specifically tailor-made for the products it is selling. Many websites offer an off-the-shelf solution but this is generally aimed at simple products without customisation such as CDs, DVDs, electronic items etc. Curtasoft features a large range of product departments already built and already in use by websites that are powered using Curtasoft. You can view the departments currently offered through Curtasoft on this page.

The curtain and roman blind made to measure system is a very complex calculator that a general e-commerce/cms package would have difficulty creating / mimicking. It is a fully operation system that accurately calculates the curtain/blind price based upon the customers' selections such as track width and drop, heading style, fabric chosen, tiebacks and valances.

This system links into the fabrics department meaning that any fabric available on your site can also be available as a curtain / blind if you so require. Further information relating to our made to measure curtain and roman blind system can be found here.

As important as the customer site is, the product editor is what drives the whole website and we know that you don't have time to learn complex tools and software. This is why Curtasoft is simple-to-use and is built in way that means the retailer can quickly add products seamlessly in a very short amount of time and these changes are reflected instantly on your website.

Curtasoft has been developed with the very close assistance of people in the trade, for people in the trade. This means that all product departments benefit from features that have been requested by people in the industry with the assistance of people in the industry. The Curtasoft system is always growing and is easily cusomisable for each client ensuring you get a website that is right for your business, which is the most important thing when selling products online.

We are always happy to listen to client suggestions when adding to our wide product range.

Search Engines

Our websites are always built in a search engine friendly manner meaning that as much data relating to the items you are selling is placed on the page in a search engine recognised manner.

We also install Google Analytics, or other third-party stat counters) onto your website ensuring you can keep an eye on how many people are visiting your website and how they are finding you.

Key Points:

  • Bespoke system allows all sites to benefit from complete customisation
  • Proven system with a large range of product departments that is already tested and works
  • Large number of soft furnishing departments already in place
  • Curtasoft has been built with assistance of people who work in the trade
  • Website built with best-practice search engine elements
Price Match

Price Match Promise

We believe that on a like-for-like basis, the Curtasoft website system is as competitive a website package as can be found.

If you have been quoted a price and you would like to see if we can match or beat it please contact us to discuss our price match promise. We will require a copy of the quotation and specification that has been provided to you.

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